Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ze grand opening!

know what?
i'm so glad now because the internet is back
i guess it's not the modem problem as what i thought
but stupid tm's problem.
but nevermind IT'S BACK BACK BACK

so L.o.D.e.E. studio started receiving orders
wahseh!! thanks to froggie =))
there were two cards before this, but i forgot to take photos.

because froggie said she's a taurus
so i drew a cow.
and a teachers' day card for their form teacher
the teacher liked it and set it as her profile picture
so bangga de gan jue hahaha.
and for puan chen.
sorry but i'm really running out of ideas.
and this kid
wanted to train her speed for the hari sukan
she's in the 100m event
不过她毫无速度可言! =X
even i'm faster than her.
maybe F=ma
and Ek=1/2mv2
and my m bigger.
therefore. haha.

and and mum's back!!!!!!
i'll be back very soon with lots to show off =X bahahhahha

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