Thursday, May 19, 2011


and i forgot!
mummy also bought the donut for tying nice hair buns =D
round enough leh? XDD

last night i went to xiao jiu mu's brother's wedding dinner
and guess where?
sarawak club again == lol
the champagne cork which flew all the way from the stage and hit my dearest cousin before settling down on my chair haha.
she brought it home as remembrance.
you don't always get hit buy a cork right?
just like you don't always get the bouquet thrown by the bride lidat haha.
the bag is full of angpows from the guests.
we all like to do this!
let me bring you back to february on my cousin's wedding.
i was lazy to blog about it but still keep the photos
gimme gimme the money. haha
see eyes will sparkle. haha

even aunty uncle oso wan play ahha
and i remembered saying
and here, at the wedding reception in Sharing.
ok enough! come back! haha

you see, the food that night wasn't really nice
and the emcee was bad, really BAD
even Jay Chou sings clearer than he speaks
his English is bad
BM is worse
Chinese is the worst
i remember him pronouncing mengharungi as MENGHARUNGGI
twice in a row. never mind i forgive him
but he kept on singing.
my ears were kinda complaining to me as i was sitting VERY NEAR to the speaker.
so we decided
to go out
and of course the washroom!
the only good thing about sarawak club is the nice toilet lighting!

but i never went to the changing room toilets.
so i never knew there were BIG BIG mirrors!
btw saw my shoes?
it's one of the two pairs which i din take any photos.
qi jie so engtau ki haha
the advantage of working in a salon.
when they heard that she was going for a dinner
they helped her wash, blow and set her hair.
cool o not!!
still wan act cute XD
i saw a momok O.O
aku suka ini.
sakai never see hair dryer. hehehe.
the dessert
long story to tell about it
but i am lazy.
not important too anyway. haha
so lets just skip! XD
lastly, before leaving
i never like the cakes given out at weddings.
seriously. haha
unless you know, they decide to give cheese cakes or chocolate cakes.
took a family photo for the toys hahhaah
and and happy 1 year 1 week and 1 day to my blog!

kinda miss this song
nite nite =D

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