Friday, November 30, 2012

and i stared into forever!

final post for November. ohh Christmas is coming soon, i can hear it, i can feel it, i can smell it!!

so after the very long wait, we finally went for Breaking Dawn Part 2 today!! 
the movie was so good!! almost gave me a shock, well actually, i was shocked.
thought Carlisle died, my god. and guess what, lol i fell in love with Edward again.
and Bella's hair was really nice, if only my hair could be like that, wavy, thick, luscious.. stupid hair of mine.
so anyway, it was really nice ahh how i wish it wouldn't end. T.T
4 years, or longer? what now? Harry Potter ended, Twilight ended, my life is a blank now! T.T
by the way, Garrett was hot, haha. and Benjamin looked very Bruno Mars. O.O
if Garrett told me: Lady, if we survive this, I will follow wherever you go
i think i would melt. hahahaha

this was last year, the four of us went shopping and for Breaking Dawn Part I
and we vowed (no we didn't really vow haha) to watch Part 2 together.

but this year, only the two of us made it, with Yihhai.
if i knew earlier the rest had other people to watch with, i think Huiwen and i would have gone last week T.T
us with the movie poster, i know it is kinda lame lol 
but it's the finale!! ahhhhh ahhh ahhh
i really don't mind watching again!!
i. cried. when. Charlie. hugged. Bella. T.T


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

om nom nom the singa land!

okay, last singapore post!!
i thought i took a lot of food photos ==
either they went missing or i simply thought too much haha
hotel breakfast.

VERY VERY YUMMY Garrett Popcorn given by meilin mama =D
really so yummy the caramel so rich omg
it was actually kinda oily but we just couldn't stop!!
Planet Popcorn cannot compare.. O.O

KOI, which was strongly recommended by Jauhuei and meilin mama
i think it was really quite nice with lots of pearl
but i was never a milk tea person so i didn't fall in love la haha

Japanese dinner: something tofu i think there was crab meat also XD
this one okay nia lo but it was TOFU so win haha

but i forgot the name haha. eel rice hahah i just made it sound super disgusting

okay and now i totally have no idea what it was haha

this was what brought us to the restaurant. two pieces for $0.40. but only limited to two per person lol

SALMON!!! no need description. SALMONNNNN!!!

the late supper. har gau.

xiao long bao. =D

loh mai kai. i don't remember trying but i heard it was so so haha

hehehe. someone said Kuching siobee BEST!!! YESSSSS!!!

when my taste buds went to heaven.

some chicken thingy in USS.

best Hokkien mee ever! heeheehee

cendol which was overly sweet

HAHA. i miss mummy's green bean soup

i forgot what this was but very much like our lok lok haha

the first ever unyummy ice-cream, and hopefully the last
my little heart can't contain so much disappointment hahahhaha
un-yummy ice cream is worse than sleep deprivation and pimples. =(

FROG porridge in Geylang wo meiyou chi wo de mei mei haha

tofu tofu tofu tofu tofu!

and prawn which i didn't eat because i was lazy to remove shells == hahaha.

and that's all for Singapore.
so many places i wanna go, so little time, so little money T.T

Sunday, November 25, 2012

5footway inn!

i know Sg posts are getting boring now. so this shall be the 2nd last. XD
this is where we stayed for two nights: 5footway Inn!!
and what i love about it:
FREE WIFI hahaha i cannot live without internet!
cute rooms! like literally cute because it was so small lol and double decker bed with cute stairs
walking distance to MRT station and where we take our bus! how convenient!
free breakfast --> save money!! =D
reasonable rate! $144 for two nights i can't say it's cheap because i'm a poor student lol

the lounge/ lobby which we saw only when we were checking out lol
i like that rocking horse! =D

checking out. see accidentally captured the
Welcome To
5footway.inn XD

and the spot i like most is actually the roof terrace hehe

at night you can have a cup of hot drinks while checking your fb (LOL) and watching the stars!!

and have breakfast! candid ugly shot but somehow i think it got feel XD

the breakfast they provide:
bread, jams, cornflakes, milk and even fruits!

near the reception.

also at the roof terrace

our room was A10 i think haha.

see, die die must leave something behind. hehe
i wanna go again. there is a carousel we didn't get to sit in USS!!! =X

hehehe. my shopping haul. 
1. Dutch Lady dress bought with mama =D (anyhow named wan, lol)
2. cute owl shirt and aztec skirt! didn't plan to match them but they seem just the perfect match for each other
3. chiffon shirt with white collar and fake leather skirt, also didn't buy them to match each other haha
and i didn't get any accessories although i had eye for a few vintage rings and necklaces
ahh and i sorta regret for not buying the stud shoes at only RM50 but i keep telling myself the trend will soon die
but they looked so good on me T.T (tak malu haha) 

i'm going back to my assignments.
halfway done heeheehee

Saturday, November 24, 2012

some night life. and. some morning life. O.O i dunno what am i talking about.

hey yo i'm back with SG posts. XD
you think our second day ended right after USS? you underestimated us. haha
our next stop was Clarke Quay which is apparently full of clubs and all night life and what not. 

heard familiar music from afar and confirmed my guess when we walked nearer
Belly dance performance!! whoo whoo whoo

and when we walked past this place, meilin mama said 这里很多秦始皇
me: 你讲兵马俑哈?
meilin: .....
me: hahahahahahhahahahahaha
not that obvious in the photo but yes they are 兵马俑 ahhahaha
then meilin mama asked 兵马俑是做什么的?
..... hahaahahha

Turkish ice cream. heeheehee me never say no to ice cream

and this guy was really funny and supper pattern

tada!! my first and last ever Turkish ice-cream
the texture was so weird, like chewing gum.
maybe that's their substitute for gums in singapore. lol
so that's how i encountered the first ever unyummy icecream in my life.

and the night didn't end just then. we went to Geylang hahaha.

next morning before leaving
very very touristy. lol.
this was 11 sth in the morning, the sun was so bright we couldn't open our eyes
and because we had limited time, our bus was at 12pm!

somehow we all agreed this looks like a wedding photo
and i have no idea why ==
i dowan my wedding photos to be like this. really terrible hahaha

the funny funny poses as usual.
i think i was feeling awkward the whole morning haha

HAD TO RUSH!!! in the cab to where we were supposed to board our bus
turned out the taxi driver didn't know where we meant and we had to walk there lol
meilin mama accompanied us all the way until we got onto the bus T.T gandong!

i think this was when we entered Malaysia, when i got my DiGi reception back again. 

ready to sleep. PIG. 

jumbled up again. this was TCC and tcc in Clarke Quay. haha

and heehee look!!

Oinky's new friend with us =DD

two deadlines again on Monday. see you! XD