Friday, November 16, 2012

oh die die die

the first time ever going to Singapore, after so long! XDD

one SMS to Singapore number RM0.50
call a Singapore number RM19.80

a random fact: i didn't know how people from west malaysia go around to other states until i entered UM
DON'T JUDGE ME! bus isn't popular in Kuching ma!!! lol

and with all our luggage, we waited for xiaoshuai at the bus stop for an hour i think ==
padahal we could just ask and literally walk to our hotel lol
i really don't understand. ==

FIRST STOP was Bugis Street ... SHOPPING!!
of course i know the exchange rate so i only buy things which are similar to the price in Malaysia la ok XD

super cute vintage display in a shop =D

zhende hen cute lehhh!

had dinner in a Japanese restaurant which totally beats Sushi Tei or whatever sushi i said nice haha

yes, my love, my mama, my shopping partner, and tour guide of the day XDD
LOOK AT OUR DRESS! ehheehehe, we instantly fell in love when we saw the dress
and guess what today ibeho lined me and said she bought exactly the same dress hahahah

supper around 12am after Marina Bay O.O
excited lehh my first time entering a casino hahaha

actually super tired liao T.T

wee wee wee mamamamamma! lol
was so excited to see her =D

and TADA! xiao shuai.
who couldn't sleep at 3am and read 9gag and laughed silently in the hotel room. lol

zhende hen lei. at 12 am still have to wait for seats for dimsum
what sorcery is that @@

liu sha baoooo!!!
i plan to do a separate post on the food we had in Singapore but this deserves to come in
was really nice! =D

nah what i got XDD
wonder if times square got aztec print liao or not? =x

back to being a giant beside all my small sized friends T.T

if according to chronological order i should be blogging about the CC Trip to cameron
but i haven't transferred the photos and oh shit i got pictures again today!
so much to share!!
but bye bye for now heehee

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