Wednesday, November 14, 2012

and if all else fails, at least you got your plan B!

literally Plan B! lol
it was very much like a pilgrimage to us, or maybe me haha.

because this is Chuckei's once favourite EGG BENEDICT lol lol
i was really kinda excited when i saw plan b in midvalley haha

mocha which came with the breakfast platter.

some kind of sandwich which tasted really nice. heehee

and the breakfast platter

with Hui Ni and Hui Wen. =)
at least i know huiwen and i were really excited haha

and benny.

it was really filling, 3 sets shared between the 4 of us.
i dunno what else to say hahaha
but hello i'm back from Cameron and Singapore
and leaving to Penang again tomorrow.
lots and lots to update!

*sneak peek*
so stay tuned XD

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