Wednesday, November 21, 2012

where all the tea leaves grow. BOH BOH BOH BOH

a break from Singapore trip
and let me bring you to Cameron Highlands =D
i know right, the poster is so sunshine and beachy (HAHA) you'd think we went to Port Dickson or something
which i wouldn't have minded. XD

EVERY FREAKING PERSON started to SLEEP once they finished their Gardenia breakfast lol
so a few of us who couldn't sleep played card games
and the loser had to take photos of the person with ugliest sleeping look
loser lai in action =P

first stop was at a waterfall. the sky was really pretty, so blue oh so blue!

we braved the slippery rocks to get nearer to the waterfall
but ended up covering like 90% of the waterfall hahaha
with Lily and WeiQi =D
lol look at our EYEBAGS.

you don't say. XD

and this was my attempt at capturing the fern nestled on the tree
and got mad at the camera after failing haha

lunch in some food court.
hahahaha mummy was just complaining to me about zhangqijian's forever BIG facial expression
NOW I KNOW WHY. lol lol lol.

then it was cactus and strawberry farm =D
no longer mad at the camera because you see what it got me! XD
i didn't edit anything! heeheehee

bought a cactus, hope it wouldn't die again under my care lol

this looked so nice! rose + cactus?

wo xihuan zhege!
how come the one i focused turns out to be blurred. *mindfuck*

lavender wannabe. yea you know i'm bad at captioning =(

super happy boy with the cotton candy.
i think he is looking more and more like a cat!!

no longer patient with cactus, we rushed towards FOOD!! 
strawberries in yoghurt and honey =D

mcdonald's should sell this too heehee

in case you are fed up with only food, (HAHAHA), me with waffles with ice cream and strawberry!! =D

fried ice cream, with STRAWBERRY lol what do you expect.

strawberry pudding, with whipped cream and STRAWBERRY. @@

are you sick of strawberries already? 
NAH, *shove photo into your face*

圣诞红, oh christmas is coming soon!!!!!!!

somehow my order got messed up. sorry if you're sick of strawberries haha
i could make a better one though #lansi haha

back to where we stay.
quality time with my dear Oinky. HIS BIRTHDAY SOON!!!!!!! == haha
everyone else was sleeping.

steamboat dinner

next stop was supposed to be pasar malam
changed to Kong Ming Deng session
and i have no regrets =D
my first ever experience =DD
my wish was to be able to find reasons to smile every single day!
you don't know how hard it is for some people, and i hope i would never become one of them!

and then, after a yummy chocolate cornetto haha, it was sharing and gift exchange time 
the only way to make a pair of RM5 earphones look less cheap haha
i got the gift wrapped like a candy just opposite in the above photo
a BIG BIG oh how do we call that.
oh coin box, T.T haha. and it can't be opened!!
worse thing is hahahha i was there when it was bought and even wrapped lol

Huiwen's son and my son lol
they were bored because there was no present for them. poor kids.

tea plantation before leaving. would've been so nice if we were able to go down and take pictures
even my shoes are crying because they get wet too frequent. =(

they said i am using tudung. ==
call me KAIZOKU! 海賊

and that marks the end of our CC trip.
they are actually other things we did
like late night supper, and super long gossip session
choir is canceled. time to nap! byebye!

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