Sunday, November 25, 2012

5footway inn!

i know Sg posts are getting boring now. so this shall be the 2nd last. XD
this is where we stayed for two nights: 5footway Inn!!
and what i love about it:
FREE WIFI hahaha i cannot live without internet!
cute rooms! like literally cute because it was so small lol and double decker bed with cute stairs
walking distance to MRT station and where we take our bus! how convenient!
free breakfast --> save money!! =D
reasonable rate! $144 for two nights i can't say it's cheap because i'm a poor student lol

the lounge/ lobby which we saw only when we were checking out lol
i like that rocking horse! =D

checking out. see accidentally captured the
Welcome To
5footway.inn XD

and the spot i like most is actually the roof terrace hehe

at night you can have a cup of hot drinks while checking your fb (LOL) and watching the stars!!

and have breakfast! candid ugly shot but somehow i think it got feel XD

the breakfast they provide:
bread, jams, cornflakes, milk and even fruits!

near the reception.

also at the roof terrace

our room was A10 i think haha.

see, die die must leave something behind. hehe
i wanna go again. there is a carousel we didn't get to sit in USS!!! =X

hehehe. my shopping haul. 
1. Dutch Lady dress bought with mama =D (anyhow named wan, lol)
2. cute owl shirt and aztec skirt! didn't plan to match them but they seem just the perfect match for each other
3. chiffon shirt with white collar and fake leather skirt, also didn't buy them to match each other haha
and i didn't get any accessories although i had eye for a few vintage rings and necklaces
ahh and i sorta regret for not buying the stud shoes at only RM50 but i keep telling myself the trend will soon die
but they looked so good on me T.T (tak malu haha) 

i'm going back to my assignments.
halfway done heeheehee

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