Wednesday, November 28, 2012

om nom nom the singa land!

okay, last singapore post!!
i thought i took a lot of food photos ==
either they went missing or i simply thought too much haha
hotel breakfast.

VERY VERY YUMMY Garrett Popcorn given by meilin mama =D
really so yummy the caramel so rich omg
it was actually kinda oily but we just couldn't stop!!
Planet Popcorn cannot compare.. O.O

KOI, which was strongly recommended by Jauhuei and meilin mama
i think it was really quite nice with lots of pearl
but i was never a milk tea person so i didn't fall in love la haha

Japanese dinner: something tofu i think there was crab meat also XD
this one okay nia lo but it was TOFU so win haha

but i forgot the name haha. eel rice hahah i just made it sound super disgusting

okay and now i totally have no idea what it was haha

this was what brought us to the restaurant. two pieces for $0.40. but only limited to two per person lol

SALMON!!! no need description. SALMONNNNN!!!

the late supper. har gau.

xiao long bao. =D

loh mai kai. i don't remember trying but i heard it was so so haha

hehehe. someone said Kuching siobee BEST!!! YESSSSS!!!

when my taste buds went to heaven.

some chicken thingy in USS.

best Hokkien mee ever! heeheehee

cendol which was overly sweet

HAHA. i miss mummy's green bean soup

i forgot what this was but very much like our lok lok haha

the first ever unyummy ice-cream, and hopefully the last
my little heart can't contain so much disappointment hahahhaha
un-yummy ice cream is worse than sleep deprivation and pimples. =(

FROG porridge in Geylang wo meiyou chi wo de mei mei haha

tofu tofu tofu tofu tofu!

and prawn which i didn't eat because i was lazy to remove shells == hahaha.

and that's all for Singapore.
so many places i wanna go, so little time, so little money T.T

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