Thursday, June 30, 2011

jar of hearts.

i think it’s gonna become a trend. whenever i start worrying i wouldn’t be blogging soon, i tend to become hardworking. lol. actually i just wanted to blog a last post for June, because it seems that this is an unfruitful month and i dunno why. so what have i been doing these few days?


L.o.D.e.E studio back to work. it was meant to be a 6 boxed manga with luffy, because the birthday girl likes luffy, but i failed drawing the first one and i was lazy and too tired to try again. lol.

second picture is me attempting to copy the zhen zhu bao he, but failed chin =(


last night, went to station one for MP’s farewell.
my mocha chip blended
it was so cold i had a minor stomachache. =(.
miss the Frappuccino i had in starbucks with java chip and whatsoever
i only had it for once and i’m hooked! XD


station one punya lighting memang not good for photos.
that’s me and mp.
will miss her. T.T

PP sang 祝你一路顺风 for her.
maybe because i know the lyrics so i almost cried, although it wasn’t me.
or maybe that’s just the power of goodbyes. =(.


the big mirror in the washroom!
remember ma @Mui Lin? hahaha.
goodbye to June.
hi July. =)
see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

in case i wouldn't be updating any sooner.

i'm just here to warn you all.
don't try messing with me

*spchink!!* still got sound effect.
hahahha, that is actually an umbrella my cousin got from the anime convention held in Hills.
not funny meh? T.T haha.
have lots to do today.
and tomorrow, i'm gonna teach a lower 6 girl the first chapter of mxt.
someone kill me...
with the katana if you can =x

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

it was a Wednesday.

hahaha! since ibeho blogged about our outing edi, it’s my turn.
@@ nola. not actually because of that. ibeho buyao wuhui hor. haha
correction to your post, it was a Wednesday my dear. lol.
and i was also waiting for lu ee to upload the photos but it seems like she isn’t gonna upload at all
so i might as well give up.
here’s my version, with very very little photos =(.
*feeling very empty*

Lunch in Flinders. which is i dunno how but definitely connected with Pizza Junction.


them. me no photo because ugly and luee no upload t.t hahaha
good! i can actually put all the blame of an empty post on lu ee #throwitaway


but to be frank the place was quite pretty.
except that i didn’t take any photos because there were customers all around.
and the waiter used a cowboy hat.
made me wanna sing 不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了 以哈!=.=


the food. and this time, i didn’t take all. lol.
very salty mushroom soup.
pizza, only one was nice.
wouldn’t go for traditional crust again, if there is any chance of me going another time of course.


ibeho while we waited for lu ee, because she had a stomachache and had to go home.
luckily she stays near.
ibeho like shoot mv lidat. xd


then we went to kbox.
first time in this room.
so cute!!! T.T
no photos again. HAHAHA.
because lu ee no upload.
@StellaAnabelle #Y U NO upload!!!!!!!! T.T lol.
never mind.
overall it was quite fun la, minus lu ee’s going home and the fact that we had to sacrifice 1.5 hours of K due to lack of transport, and also minus the geram part when lu ee’s sister in law called to say she’ll go for her brother so lu ee could actually have the car, that means TRANSPORT, and that means 1.5 hour sing k!! T.T
suan le. =(.
love u girls =DD

Monday, June 27, 2011

i’m back again!

hi hi hi!!
i have some older things to update but i figured i better keep up with time first.


i’m finally back!
i dunno if you missed me, but i sure did miss my blog and updates from myself!! =DD.
was getting myself very busy with PMP’s farewell. she’s leaving for NUS.
all the best to her!!
i think that’s what caused many people below the stage cry hahaha.
luckily i had alicia ariestine and irene helping me
time and brain consuming i must say!


breakfast yesterday in San Sheng Fo Tang.
sweet and sour seaweed.
mummy’s noodles.
bai guo fu zhu. *LIKE*
my zhen zhu bao he.
didn’t take photos for daddy and froggie’s food.
lazy mode on.

daddy mummy wanted to go for massage.
so kids were more than happy to be thrown somewhere else to kill time.
and this time. the spring.


wahaha. IGLOOL!
from the two pictures on top
i think it is pretty obvious who is the better photographer (*smirks*)
sien i need a photographer.
anyone? haha


and BIG APPLE!!!
to be frank..
only the yam one was nice. NO ALIEN!!!!! T.T


saw this skirt in mng.
it was so long i think it was either meant to be long skirt for shorties which is pretty unlikely
or apparently they assumed everyone to have supermodel height. LOL.

i gained weight.
holy crap.
jiu ming arrr..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hair post.

as the title said. so this post is gonna be all about my hair.
what made me do this? because this is my blog i can do whatever i like so simple HAHA.
sorry but this post will be saturated with ME AKU NGO WO WA NGAI NGUI WATASHIWA lol.


i can so see the changes which occurred in my hair from year 2009 onwards.
pic #1 was one of the first photos in my K810i. when i grew out my boyish short hair to the bob.
then it slowly grew until i could tie my hair up without looking strange, but i DO look strange in pic #11, had to look mismatched ma. haha.
ohya note that i had my hair cut again in pic #4 and pic #7
then my hair continued growing until pic #16. i kinda like it that way!
but then it got chopped off again at the next pic. haih.
stupid step.
and after that i never had it cut again except for fringes which were mostly done on my own.
in the third last photo, went for a trim for less layers.
because i’ve made my decision!
imma keep my hair long long.
what actually made me cut my hair that short in the beginning?
curiosity i think, and i guess i was bored of my hair, it had two layers that time. si ah lien haha.
oh and i also had the concept that having short hair made my face look smaller
is that a misconception? until now i still have no answer.
and fringe. i’m always in the dilemma whether to have it flat like i always had or let it grow long.
it’s always the stage where it is neither short nor long that makes me the most frustrated.
but most of the time, i give in and ka-chak, cut it short again.
but there is definitely something good about short hair.
it dries up very very fast and acting cute in photos look more acceptable when i have short hair.
waiting and waiting desperately for my hair to grow long.
not gonna cut it short again for a very very very very long time.
that’s all for now.
today is my second day of holiday.
feel pretty unfruitful, life is back to computer and tv again. ><
ohh and i walked out of the “mini-depression” few days ago..
how? i also dunno. haha.
it just came, rained upon me, then got evaporated again. lol.
byebye see you soon. =)