Saturday, June 4, 2011


see i said i will blog today. XD
our half day trip to permai.
didn't take any photos with my own phone because i was lazy.
and grumpy because i couldn't go swim
fml haha.
once again, i made sure i didn't get tanned.
i even brought along a sweater ==

back from permai.
lunch in scr express near Sunday market.
oily and i couldn't finish t.t.

then we went shopping in boulevard for food to cook at night.
pmp slept like a pig once she reached my house.
and aaron wanted to prove that he can cook!
macam so pro lidat but actually he was just cutting garlic.
the food were pretty good.
but the spaghetti by pmp and i was said to be tasteless. haha

the next day (02.06.2011)
dad and mum decided to go see the frog who was having her scouts june camp in Siar View or Ville i dunno but i know not Farmville or Cityville. HAHA, hao i know not funny. =X

stopped on the way and bought some keropok in Lundu.
keropok keropok KEROPOK =DDD.

after crapping with the frog
who was practicing for the performance for the campfire that night, i think that was what they were doing la. haha.
we drove to the neighbour of their campsite --- Union Yes
youth camp is there this year
but i dun think i can make it! T.T
sien sien sien sien sien sien
frankly, i hate looking at these.
they give me the creeps and the gelik die feeling t.t

next time i sure bring my kids go play.
see those kids so happy!!!! haha
you know what, they were actually quarreling because a kid pushed another kid into the water.
LOL. how nice if the only things i have to worry about in life are whether my mum brings me to play and whether my siblings bully me or not. =(. lol. let me emo yi xia la.
see still got sth like open air cafe t.t
pretty o not!!!!

aiti wo bu guan la. i wan go play. t.t.

lunch in Lundu market.
my lemon juice!
nice =(
miss it, especially in such hot weather.
the type i like.
where i can eat the shell. haha.
yes i never mentioned before.
i only like prawns if they have the shells removed
OR if i can eat the shells, which means if they are the deep fried type.
urgh, craving for s'wak club's vietnamese prawn now.
i think it's the only type of prawn which i have to remove the shell but still like it!
ahh stop!

mixed vege.
dun understand?
closer look.
that's so immoral. *angry*

i cooked for dinner!
actually, i just modified aaron ong's tomato soup. haha

yay and guess what!
i have something new to blog again, maybe tomorrow =DD

sing with me! 每当夏天我要去海边!
paiseh i think i'm drunk t.t haha

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