Thursday, June 2, 2011

happy birthday =)

Dear meilin mama, can't wait for 12am le. i think age is catching up with me and i'm so sleepy right now =((.
so i'm pre-blogging again. i dunno if you'll read it so soon anyway, but this is especially from me to you. =)

Happy Birthday to you my dearest Meilin mama. i guess, you should be outside celebrating, enjoy yourself but don't go crazy XD. i remember the last year we were celebrating with you still

i like this picture the most dunno why hehe
and a year just flew by without us noticing.
i think last year was a year which we encountered the dramas, the up-and-downs, the heartaches, the tears of our teenage life.
but it was also a fruitful year for our friendship =D.
through the madness in our school life love life crappy life
you cheered me up alot with your happy-go-luckiness
your smile and your laugh.
but i know that beneath your happiness, there's a part which you refuse to show and to tell
it might not be because you don't trust us enough
i dunno, maybe you just don't feel at ease to share everything
i'm not saying you can't have your own space
but if if and IF there is anything bugging you so much
that it spoils your mood and everything
please don't hesitate to spill it out!!
i don't like the feeling like the thing which happened just weeks ago
because though we already moved on
it is still a nagging thought in my mind when i am too free
blah. i know i'm a bit loso. hehe.
from our chats, it seems like you are settling down pretty well in nyp.
happy for you.
and i'm also glad to see you studying hard
the hardworking part in you is something i can never achieve
no matter how hard i try. ><
i believe you're on the right track
but don't pia dao you go insane please T.T
i hope your course treats you well
i hope the school treats you well
i hope singapore treats you well
i hope your prince-to-come treats you well
i hope life treats you well
i hope for all the very very best in your life.
i sincerely hope that you will keep smiling, smiling and smiling
and please take good care of yourself
DO NOT take too much junk food
i dowan you to fall sick again =(
you seriously scared us with your frequent fainting and the sudden weight loss
they're all so unhealthy you know =(.
pinky swear?
*assume you said okay*
good! =D
guess i'll stop here.
one day we will be able to celebrate your birthday together in real life!!
goodnite mama.
happy birthday.
i love you =DDD

was searching for chopper singing happy birthday
but only got these ><

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