Friday, June 3, 2011

behind time behind time

i remember i did mention that i was gonna upload some photos from mummy's trip here.
and until today baru i settle down and copied all the photos into the computer.
yea when you have nothing else better to do you start telling other people's stories.
nola, i got some other things to blog about, but i'll just leave them for tomorrow! =D
i fink i do a great job of pulling the whole story away.
i'll work harder on the bringing it back part. lol
so look here! yes come back. XD

they went to the floral expo something lidat in Xi An if i am not mistaken
never mind it doesn't matter where it was
because I WAS NOT THERE t.t
not that i would like it anyway
i dislike plants !!! but this!!
xi yang yang wor!
i can't imagine how hard was it to cut out the shape what more to say maintaining it!

xiao jiu.
somehow, this photo got a bit of feel. haha.
he took photos for rainbow roses but mum did not!
it was pretty cool.
i'll try see if he uploads to facebook HAHA.

see this!!
daddy and mummy in bollywood movie?
or korean?
haha, it is beautiful anyway. =)

PANDA! fat fat lidat ji cute t.t
i only know that pandas eat bamboos
but i never knew they eat bamboos and only BAMBOOS
lol, and i learned this from a teacher in 6 xiao.

when i was copying the photos for mum
i saw the photos 3 years ago which i did not delete. HAHA.
looking at them just made me wanna go travelling again =(
i think this was in disneyland hk while waiting for the adults to buy the ticket xd
my hair so short that time!!!
and i think i was fatter ohohoh
and some pics from my guilin trip which i didn't upload, i think.
got japan de gan jue ma? haha.
i can't find the japan and bali photos edi T.T
why didn't i save them before reformatting the computer. =(

and on the flight back to kl from guilin..
when will be the next time? =(
actually, i might be able to go to sg soon.
might nia la, *keeping fingers crossed* XD
and and i might be going to kl again this year end
if only it doesn't clash with my classes by that time.
and upu results will only be out in july.
grrrr.. so long the wait. =(
ohh and btw i'm on twitter now! @lodeemomo
not so familiar with it
but i guess it's pretty safe to say that
twitter is kinda like facebook without the games and the ever-annoying apps?
still exploring =D.
stay tuned as i'm very free recently haha.

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