Friday, February 24, 2012

code 024

HI HI HI AGAIN! hopefully you aren't sick of me yet. =P
Breakfast at 9.27am in KFC =D
the porridge was really nice! heehee

Mr. Camwhore. 

us =) 
i am beginning to fear that my phone memory will run out sooner or later
because all these are only the few out of a whole plethora of silly photos we/ I/ he took! @@

have i mentioned before that one of my roommates graduated already
so that gives me more SPACE, yessss! 
so i finally forced myself to tidy up my side of the room
including my old table, NEW BIG TABLE =DDD, locker and bed!
no longer on top of the double decker
saves mummy's worries of me rolling down HAHAHA.

又是艳阳天 =)
是热死人的艳阳天啦 T.T

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