Thursday, February 9, 2012

code 009

yoho wow i am really rushing for the deadline it's now 11.48!
so finally i dyed my hair using Liese Bubble Dye (save money lol)
once it was done i only had one reaction to the person i saw in the mirror

 not obvious enough in the photo above?
then look at this!! T.T
don't understand why same colour comes out with big difference
Aaron Ong's is so much nicer T.T

there was somemore dye left which i kept on asking ibe to dye her own hair with as well
but she persistently said no T.T
thank you ibeho anyway for helping us
and bearing the super strong smell of the chemical!

now i wish the brightness of the dye will go off sooner so that i look less ahlian T.T

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