Wednesday, September 15, 2010


yoho! since tomorrow is the day i am going to play, no where special la duh, kl. haha, so this is just a random post. as you can see, the photos below were taken before i had my hair cut.

yes, these two are me, haha. so weird, just the change of the parting direction changes the look of one. i know the one on the left looks much nicer right? but the right side is the real me. believe me, the left look ONLY looks good in photos. ==
smaller face, younger, i guess? XD
and of course, bigger face and older T.T
lalala look what i was wearing! trying the retro look!
tada! kek cute =X ji action de shuo XD

lol. i guess that's all, i said wad, random! XD.
maybe i'll have something nicer after the short trip, stay tuned (if there is anyone reading at all of course XD)

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