Tuesday, September 7, 2010

is it the weather?

i'm feeling so emo. LOL
when we were young, we loved to say when i grow up i want to this this this, i want to that that that, i will this this this, i will that that that, i will never this this this that that that etc etc.
when we were young we hated to be so young, we wanted to grow up, we wanted to do all things which we could not do as little kids.
as days pass with this longing still in us, we grow up, in a flick, our wishes all came true. we're now grown ups, no longer kids. then we start to regret. at least i do.
i wished i were still young when the only thing i had to decide was whether to eat this sweet or that chocolate, just a silly comparison anyway. i hate making decisions, because i cannot see what is in front. i hate doing something which might make me regret. i hate all the pressure and troubling feeling which i have whenever i think of some things. i hate the world which seems so simple but yet complicated. i miss being a little kid. =(.
there are just so many regrets, wish i own a time machine.
wished that life could have an undo button.
so many ridiculous wishes which will never come true. =((.
another question to ponder upon.
why do people fall in love, well i asked this before but i guess i never managed to get an answer
can we live without love?
nope we cannot.
there are so many different kinds of love but why are teenagers especially so blind to only see the love in between a guy and a girl? why can't we learn to be more appreciative towards other love, like the love from God, love from our parents, love from our friends, love from our toys (dong qi XD, except that it's not mine =[ )..? why do we keep hurting ourselves, thinking that he or she is the right one? isn't that like pure stupid. guess the saying is right, love is blind.

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