Wednesday, December 22, 2010

nodame cantabile

when one day i play too much computer
i guess i'll be the same as donkey.
9 months holiday seems to be way too long!
greetings from me and donkey.
happy tang yuan day
yesterday i just finished watching the finale of Nodame Cantabile
the whole series of nodame cantaible have a special power
it makes me want to play piano better
but just for a short period of time
and i fell in love with Chiaki senpai again
but Jeremy is always the first hahahhahha
to fully utilize my time when watching the movie
wo de mei li ri ji mask. =)
smells nice
i like!
haha. i dunno got effect or not
mcm no ==

i wanted to find the part when nodame and chiaki were playing piano together but couldn't

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