Saturday, December 18, 2010

double springs.

so i got my nails painted.
i love them, period.
i'm thinking of changing it to green and red,
for Christmas!
planned to wear this for the girls day out
suddenly realized i paid nth for this outfit!
the sweater was what cousin was chucking away
the dress was from meilin mama
and the bag
f.o.c and d.i.y =D
but changed my mind
simply because it seemed too action
this is mum's dress
from hongkong =)
our first station:
my sausage egg muffin
and hash brown
half bitten lol
2nd station:
kuching high school
for 1119 cert!
unfair lo!
we had no mirror now they got such a big mirror!!!
so must take photo lol
3rd station:
tHe Spring's toilet
photo session
4th station:
5th station:
another toilet lol lol
i wan tiffany's phone T.T
6th station:
Just Call Me Nobody is the worst in the worst movie i have seen before
i was falling asleep
well not only me
we all felt the same and finally decided to leave early
crazy us went outside to the big mirrors
and took photos
but not in my phone =(
7th station:
terrible fries!
and we saw weird people
i hate ah bengs @@
call me racist i don't mind! =P
left the spring around 2.15 for the suffering piano lesson
=( i'm still unable to break myself away from piano ugh T.T

stopped piano at 4.45 and rushed home to take bath
i have another outing at night!!!!

8th station:
Kimbay Restaurant
no photos because miss evon chiew started eating the dimsum before i could take T.T
ok la i admit i forgot that i wanted to take photos =(((

9th station:
but, the 6 to 8 session was FULL!
and the 8 onwards session was freaking expensive
i'm just a poor student
oh sorry i'm no longer a student
i'm officially a wu ye you ming. =D

10th-59485984954th station:
here and there in tHe Spring

last station:
this cup of ice blended peppermint mocha
my items bought:
pencil eyeliner RM10.90
makeup sharpener RM2.90
i forgot the shop name
rain is their spokesperson
i don't like him
please change him to be lee hong ki =D

it was a long and tiring day
because i slept late but woke up early
but thanks to my lovely friends
i had a happy day
it's been long since we spent time together this way
although there were some unpleasant memories
like the voir assistant who kept looking at us until we paiseh go in the fitting room to take photos
qi dao wo yao bao zha
i had a nice day
hope you too.

mama take care.
i love your hair!

ibe take care.
go perm your hair!

ebon take care.
erm, don't always cut your hair!

tiff take care.
ohhh yuan lai you perm your hair!

lodee goodnite. =)
do nothing to your hair!

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