Thursday, December 23, 2010

strawberry shortcake

it was our family tang yuan day gathering last night
at sarawak club. =)
too bad we had no room this time
but we face skin kao enough so we still took photos anyway lol
k la to be exact, most of the people were gone when we started taking photos T.T

sorry the photos are in reverse chronological order haha
kunga's birthday cake.
very belated tho lol
everyone wanted to take photo with engdao zong hong kor kor
bella i will blur u out when i got feel i tell u!
u just wait and c haha
these people memang like to photobomb
sien T.T
see nan da catch tiok kunga to take a photo
but bella tiong nge nge wan add in a hand T.T
tai ke wu le ni!!!
cha da!
the young generation
with bella as the photographer hhaha
i like this =P
but if i open my eyes i sure pengsan T.T
wo men hen ke ai xie xie!
wo men hen cool xie xie T.T

back home.
earlier in the morning we made pudding!
oops i mean the night before tang yuan day
halfway we decided to make it two layered
so dong qi helped to cool it down!
guai guai dong qi =)
our tang yuans!
misshaped is our signature xd
yes we added these =P
tang yuan on pudding =DDD
and our two layered pudding hehehe
pretty or not

today is my first day at work
don't have to wear formal wear!
we're doing stock check for these few days
i'm not racist but this is the fact
non-Chinese are lazy
i saw it for myself.
i dunno what else i can say zz

see what i saw!
Tom and Jerry shampoo!

and strawberry shortcake!
so cute ahhh!

i need to slim down!!!!!

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