Thursday, December 16, 2010

a new chapter. =).

thanks to this pair of shoes which brought me here and there for this one and a half year
you were a comfortable companion
but also you caused my legs to be soaked in water
you're holey
so i guess
bye =/
i'll miss you
nah just kidding i will not hahaha

goodbye STPM! i hope u hide in the rubbish bin and rot. =D
bye bye candidate SS109/1047
after exam
everything need to start getting in place
melted lollipop gotta go. xD
the card which was never finished
bye =)
Brand's chicken essence
lol its weird most parents buy chicken essence for their kids during exam period
no kidding
this did not only happen to me
can u believe it half of the load is actually from Chemistry and chemistry only goshh
bye lasap school =D
this is a long ago photo i just wanted to use pink eyeshadow to create a kenak belasah look
but hehe
bye bye!
the last time wearing lasap school uniform. =D
i know i know, not nice, what to do, =(((
bye bye form 6 life
bye bye living hell
bye bye digimon
hello new life! =D

off to paint my nails!!!!!! =DDDDD

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