Sunday, November 20, 2011

why must xingfu = fat. haha

hehe as i said, another overdue post then i'll be back to time.
so hehe you're on my spaceship again @@ lol.
the morning before i left home again.
i know you'll all miss me, yes, toys included =P

and the various things we did, i mean, i did with dongqi and xiqi haha 
i really admire myself for being so childish! =P
but my dongqi's voice is kinda spoiled t.t
please help me find it back =((

dinner on Saturday night @ Goh Fun Kee
ahh! Century egg tofu is so nice i am missing it now T.T, although i don't eat the pidan hahahha
and bak kut teh!! yerr. i'm missing it now =(

and not to forget Sharing. hehe 
free wedges from Qi Jie, thank you =)).
didn't order oreo this time cz we were too full, but had mango smoothies instead, nice also ma hehehe
Daddy's Seafood Arab White
our Seafood Carbonara, personally i prefer the normal Carbonara. haha
and Saol Fish which was surprisingly nice!
was never a fan of fish but IT WAS REALLY NICE!
ngehehe, shall have it again XD

okay that's the end of my mid term break home t.t
 i gained 1 kg in a week's time CRAP!!!

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