Thursday, November 10, 2011

ze apple of ma eye!

ngehehe. in Padini. finally went to the Spring today..
for something very very very important..

that is.. 
thanks so much for olin who walked there this morning just to get the tix
because from what i heard, most of the tickets are booked!!
guess it was the night time show, but still, the hall was FULL!!

i have no regret paying RM12 for it!!
ahhhh!!!! it's so nice that i wouldn't mind watching again T.T
and i was afraid with the high expectation i would be disappointed
BUT NO! and for no reason i cried, ==
there's definitely some glitch in my system, since when i become so sentimental lol
no it's not my problem, the movie just ROCKS!!!

i think i rocked the above photo as well. XDD

 in Starbucks
wasting time. and

CONSUMING fat hahaha 

java chip frap is LOVE! XDD
thanks to dear qijie for belanja-ing the frap and curly fries
i am bloated till now T.T
and hopefully the afternoon out did help you forget about the doggy bite T.T

end of today's post.
but not end of the story.
shall blog some more soon!

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