Tuesday, November 8, 2011

crazy oreo crazy oreo!

alo alo alo! hahaha.
sometimes my eyes really do look big ho? == i like. hahahahaha

went to Sharing with olinchin and richardfong last night.
stupid olinchin had to use gps to get to me, my house so hard to find meh T.T

hehe. olin removed his braces already! 
got a bit buhaoyisi lo, cz he smiled and ask ni youmeiyou faxian semok?
then i baru noticed, EH his braces gone! lol

and richard fong.. 
why do i look so much older than the both of them T.T emo..

my lovely mushroom soup ngehehe
i was so nice T.T, nicer than i remember T.T.
maybe it's just because of the Campbells i had, or because it really is nicer now. lol.

and of course.. 
the Crazy Oreo! <3!

tamjiak olin savouring his double cheezyland XD

we talked alot about some very useless things lol
olin was shocked i am able to stay with malays HAHAHA
from their reactions, i suddenly think that i am very KUXUAN ngahaha.
and and guess what! clementsls has a gf already! i saw him paktorrr~~ lol

ahh, k la, i dunno what to say liao.
hahaha, thanks to them tho, for spending time to come find me wahaha.
what can i say.. T.T i really love my friends, for no reason lol..

was supposed to go for piano lesson today.
but i skipped! wahaha
never knew piano teacher misses me so much
but no i dowan go see her T.T.

i start feeling pressure!!
because.. so much to eat so little time!
so many assignments totally no mood!!
so many things i wanna do BUT NO TIME!!! T.T
how! how!! HOW!!! T.T

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