Thursday, May 31, 2012

nothing better to do

i am out of ideas. i need inspiration, like how Hadis is the inspiration to mengembangkan Tamadun, i need inspiration to mencantikkan blog saya. ==
too much TITAS, if you didn't get me
i was merely trying to show off what i know.
no, i call that applying. haha
by the way, it's my second study week here.
not as keen as last sem in cramming notes
i think my ultimate laziness has finally kicked in.
and decided to stay. haha
but fret not, i'm still struggling the internal and external fight with this enemy ==

i think my boyfriend is a tad bit too stressed.

he is actually chatting with himself using Oinky Teoh's Facebook account.

and since i took photos
why not tempt you again? haha
i tried to capture the 一粒一粒 feel
but phone camera still has its limitations
that's the best i could achieve even with macro focus and HDR effect =(

and Cendol after K session.
on a rainy morning which should be fully utilized to maximize rest
lol i just tried making the statement to sleep look a bit more advanced

dinner! =D
comes second after Cheesy Wedges.
eh wait, or is it 3rd? forgot. XD

and now put your hands together
and congratulate me for completing my challenge!
APK wo lai liao~

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