Thursday, May 10, 2012

stark is super cute!

an emo day for some reason i don't know.
randomly taken by a friend
when i was emo-ing lol

went for our seventh date after rushing back from the APK. 
THE AVENGERS like finally! =D

what i wore. i like the combination lehh~ hehe
i need a new pair of shoes, this pair is already spoilt!

second moo cow 
desserts always have this super extraordinary power to cheer me up

posing with the yummy

my turn =D


and after so long.. POOL!!
3 vs 3
the next time i will beat you hehehe

yes i know

i dunno why did i think so much which caused myself to be so emo.
totally uncalled for but, i couldn't control =(
i'm already fine though.
and, the avengers was good!!
iron man / stark is so hot, with smoke coming out!
really really HOT! hahaha

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