Sunday, May 27, 2012

too much fun =O



hello morning. we’re having too much fun recently omg
caught MIB3 on Friday night
it was funny and i dunno why i never watch the MIB before this.


REVERSI in Merry Berry. obviously i am the white one heeheehee

act pity de face. LOL this is the only chance i get to beat him.

second round. ahahahahahhaha
at this time he already 动弹不得
so i leave it to you to guess the result ba =P


and went to singk!
because there was no room
we got to use the VIP room!!
note that there are 2 big screens
one is for K, another one is Wii Sport!
cool or not!!!

okay i should study now
before i regret when my results are out!
byebye. =)

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