Thursday, May 24, 2012


i am suddenly so grateful i feel like crying == lol
no more burden on my shoulder
no more deadlines glaring back at me
wanted to take a photo to show how long my hair has grown
but i end up sniffing it like what i always do.

stayed up the whole night for assignments and had KFC breakfast before going back to my room thinking i would continue with my work but fell onto my bed and slept until i was almost late for class! whee!

finally had a nutritious meal last night
and the soup reminds me of mummy
i wanna go home =(

8:30 AM this morning
i broke free from the clutches of the goddamned assignments

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde the movie
a very disturbing and depressing movie which lasted for almost 2 hours
glad i slept away half of the duration of my final class as a Year 1 student

it's kinda hard to believe that this is it.
sem 2 flew by like. i dunno like what.
maybe like a G6. haha.
and what i gained the most is probably
more and more documents in my UM TESL folder.
and i shall declare myself excessive rest
before i start studying for the finals.
byebye for now XD

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