Tuesday, May 22, 2012

we jumped we danced now we celebrate!

i think it's the season of celebration now @@
we just had the choir celebration party on Sunday.
hee, it was one full of pizzas and titbits..
not from modern dance
but i foresee his potential hahaha

btw, that's Oinky's 小人娃娃 XD

after being stuck in the jam for i dunno how long, we finally reached the place
nice lamp i light XD

and i dunno why i became so touristy that i was snapping non-stop
until zhangqijian had to stop me lol

MAIU Japanese buffet. =)

heehee, congratulations to Huini the new female captain

and Nyak Nyak as the male captain

sad to say that the food pictures i captured were all very ugly
i have problem with the camera =(
but below are things i simply MUST share!!

Green Tea Icecream with RED BEAN! =D

Chocolate Icecream with chocolate chips inside =DD

and the Wasabi Icecream which no one dared to try
until zhangqijian took the first step

jeng jeng, five scoops in one bowl

i had at least 10 balls of ice-cream, alone! hohoho

kinteo @@

best photo of the night hahaah

and then it was the second round.. POOL hehehe
due to some reasons i'm not gonna post the photos in Facebook
but not gonna post here also because i am lazy haha

one last photo before we went back
the escalator stopped for us heehee

and one more one more
one last thing

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