Friday, May 11, 2012

happy birthday mOmO =)

some more random thing you might not know. know why is this blog called mOmO's private corner? it is actually named after my pet in Pet Society, mOmO. hehe.
and it's not my pet's birthday, it's this blog's second anniversary.

some development of my blog header.
and the changes of me within this two years.

when i started it all.

somehow got bored with the previous header

until one random afternoon when i randomly took a photo and it randomly turned out not bad.
i do have the desire to change it, but i find no suitable photo
and no more randomly taken but nice photo from me for long

i don't know if i ever blogged about this
but just let me share okay? lol

i first started blogging when i was in Form 2 or 3, not in blogger, but in Friendster.
i remember my address was something like idiotgalz or something like that
yes, z was the in thing at that time lol
and the blog's name really pattern enough i still remember very well
meLoDee the depressed yet cheerful.
it was mostly talking crap, cracking lame jokes and complaining about people eg some idiot who cheated on meilin mama, some people who were mad because their class t design was not chosen by the class, and haha, i forgot what else.

then later i started using blogger after my Friendster account was deleted. not this one. another one. but it's not important anyway. and i forgot what i wrote there. it is currently still there, but dead like, i dunno like what, it just is dead.

and this, was started after i saw the blogs of many many bloggers. i guess my passion in writing never died, i just got lazy. i know this is a pretty self centered blog. but i am just me. what else should i write if not for me and my life? it's MY BLOG ma. hehehe. 

anyway, what i wanna say is that
i love blogging
i love my blog
i dunno how long will i let this blog live
but for now, i am enjoying every moment i start telling or sharing bits and pieces of my life in this blog of mine. oh and i cheated on the posting time again, just to make it on the correct day.
happy birthday bloggie. =)
i should be doing my assignments. XD

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