Monday, August 2, 2010

dressing up

another post on clothes. =D.
does she look like a toy compared to my wardrobe?
cute XD

red checked shirt- FOC from bella
red singlet- also FOC from bella
jeans skirt- RM35.90 Sg Wang
bag- FOC (my d.i.y bag which i featured before, this is the backside =D)
ibeho xiao jie. my xue yuan feng XD. she looks nicer in it tho. thinner T,T
white shirt- RM25 from Nv Ren Shi Jie, China
red skirt- RMxx Hock Lee, Kuching
Multipurpose Scarf- China (i forgot the price XD)
wooden necklace- RM18, tHe Spring
style no.2, i wouldn't look nice in this
red&white striped shirt- RM25 Sg Wang
jeans vest- FOC from auntie
white shorts- RM70++ (if not mistaken) from Padini
mouse bling bling necklace- RM13.90 mail ordered
they are my lovely friends
i love them :D
it's fun to dress people up
even with my limited resources
i only have a wardrobe
and it is shared between me and my sister
and it is so empty
so u know how little clothes i have
i want a bigggg walk innnn closet
i know it's easier to dream it out

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