Friday, October 29, 2010


i did a post about editing before and my eyes were too fake right?
so yesterday i got too boring i went to paint and drew two empty slits just to practice eyes.
XD. i even added lashes for these eyes but they are not on human so i dunno if they look fake or not but i think the blue eye is better. wahaha.
attempted on myself. okay so i edited even my nose. HAHAHA i know i over edited lah. but look at the eyes!! i got improve RIGHT!!!!
BEFORE hahaha
nahhhh. praise me? =DD lol
my piano teacher actually asked me to sit for the trinity piano test instead of abrsm omg it is like rain after a 7 years drought arhh! less scales NO THIRD APART NO SIX APART tell me how much better this can get? WOHHHOOOOOOOO. and most importantly i will change my exam pieces so goodbye hateful stupid C6! =DD

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