Thursday, April 7, 2011

我好像很pro又好像不是很pro T.T

hello! bored so here i am now. XD
been feeling really tired recently i dunno why!
but hey there’s something i had always wanted to say but forgot!!

i feel so very pro!
hua shuo dang tian a student asked me why birds wouldn’t get shock to death when they stand on electric cables
then i started explaining using V=IR and R=roll l over A
and they were like WOW teacher so pro.
then i really thought i was so pro. hahhaha
if only they knew i heng heng pass nia for physics @@
but they’ll never know LOL

and i’m learning songs!
i mean i plan to la @@ now learning the first, 煙花易冷!

after i suceed then will go for


because it suddenly came upon me that learning these songs are harder than his rap songs!
not i haolian but i really quite pro when it comes to by hearting lyrics
if only lyrics were a subject @@.
but hor, the first song already took me more than the average time and i only remember the chorus T.T

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