Friday, April 22, 2011

we learn new things everyday, everywhere

xiao ba wang's buns.
no no i din have all la =P
civic centre to learn parking
dad and mum stood in that pondok and laughed at me T.T
afternoon tea with gaomei and ibeho in delizze.

biscuit cake. sinfully yummy T.T
potato salad.
nais T.T
chocolate vanilla swiss roll.
surprisingly nice!
fruit tart!
ibeho and gaomei's ice blended chocolate
sausage salad.
my cappucino.
see the heart shape =DD
cute hor!
actually i edited it ==
the original one was plain t.t

not much pictures taken due to overexposure
but still had to take a photo to show that
we were there lol
aku dengan gaomei.
sien i so not pretty T.T
we talked a lot.
everyone got their own life stories
we shared ours.
there were happy memories
sad stories
frustrating parts
and funny flashbacks
i learned to be even more appreciative of what i have
at the times when i felt so sorry for myself
and pitied for myself
never did i think that there were other people suffering
over things even more serious than mine
i'm glad i always have someone i can tell my worries and heartaches
i'm glad i'm cheerful enough to move on when stuck in deep shit
i'm glad i am me, normal, but always so lucky
seeing the best out of the worst is a key to stay happy =)
ahh, thanks again to everyone who painted my with the most beautiful colours!

**mama kuai dian hui lai liao la miss hanging out with you le la**
**i dunno what happened on top of the second photo where the words got underlined T.T**

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