Monday, November 4, 2013

Batu Pahat Day 1

*JUMPS AND WAVES* HI HI HI!! I'm back again!!!
received a complain from my most loyal reader (or maybe the only one left haha #sadface) last night
as I said my laptop's bluetooth always fails me, err, lazy people always conveniently forget the cable's existence

SO! I finally dug out the cable and decide to get things done. here's my account of our 3D2N Batu Pahat trip during the Hari Raya Haji holiday (14-16/10/2013) I KNOW, I KNOW THAT'S AGES BACK.

took KLIA transit to TBS, if it were cheaper I would really go for this when I go home the next round, but to LCCT and KLIA it's RM20++ to RM30++. I'm just a student for goodness sake /.\

decided to pack light for the trip and wore my flip flops
but somehow my bag still turned out quite big I don't understand why.

a very lousy ootd shot, but by far the most comfortable dress for road trips! =D

Oinky and his traveling friend, Mr. Xiao Xiong
I am so gonna get myself a Naraya bag when I go to Bangkok in January hehehe

Oinky's obligatory traveling shot. My son is a great traveler @ adventurer

and baby. 

desperately need to cut my hair!!

when traveling, I love sleeping. and when I'm not sleeping, I love looking at the scenery rushing pass me. 
is it just me or the feeling of leaving somewhere to a new place is really so exciting?

Oinky in shades, so very badass. hahaha.
and sorry Huiwen I forgot to do something to your face I'm sure you wouldn't kill me oops.

lunch upon reaching was this Asam Pedas. *slurps* me love the soup so much

also known as Apam Balik.

heehee, crispy enough for my liking. but I miss the ones we had in Pangkor!

yes yes, cendol and apam balik.
but this cendol was so-so.

there was so much more to eat, but we had limited tummy storage, so there was a shopping break
sadly, I bought NOTHING. =O

and then, the food quest continued hohoho

Hershey's chocolate ice-cream cake!
OmO it's like all my favourite food combined into one!!!!

waffle with chocolate mint icecream! *.*

think this was rojak. haha

pisang goreng with some kind of special sauce.

didn't realize the photo was this blur
some random satay near Yihhai's house which tasted so nice, especially the lamb ones.
for the first time ever I had so many sticks of satays!! haha.

and some ais kacang which in my opinion was just ais kacang with a blob of icecream.

and then we went clubbing. for the first time ever I went clubbing!! lol.
and the night ended at around 3am.

took me about an hour for this post.
and I shall start my work.
at least 3 assignments to go.
let's just hope I can make this sem break a really fruitful one since I am now stuck in the hostel. ==
oh, I just came back from Penang. haha

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