Monday, November 18, 2013

Coffee Stain by Joseph @ Fahrenheit 88

being a professional stalker, of course I am familiar with the new places people go.
one fine day we decided to have a tai tai session to pamper ourselves since PT training is so tiring and we deserve to treat ourselves better (excuses, excuses everywhere!)
I love all these cute wooden, vintage stuffs.

Red Velvet =D
which I think was overpriced. because I could've gotten something better with that price :3

Huiwen's dark chocolate.

and Lily's mocha or something.
which was surprisingly the best, although I love chocolate as well. haha.

throwing back, how I wished there was Chocolate Obsession sample.
after 6 days as La Cremeria promoter, I think it is very possible that I had eaten close to a tub of samples
the Almond Pecan Praline is the best so far, oooooh, lovely.
and ahem, salary is coming in very soon =DD!

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