Sunday, November 24, 2013

wished I were a boy.

have I ever mentioned about the new cafe in campus?
I love the ambiance and the salad there =D
at least I get to eat something green!!
but despite my love for salad, I have been really moody lately, maybe because I haven't been eating ice-cream for long. haha.

nah, ice-cream is a big part of it, but stress definitely comes up second. =/
I enjoy the dances more and more but I can't wait for the whole thing to be over

1st, need to get my fringe back
2nd, assignments piling up, though it's mainly the result of my own procrastination
3rd, need rest, oversleeping so much I find it scary
4th, back pain, leg pain, pain every where, body needs rest!
5th, need sleep
6th, need sleep
7th, need sleep


oh, if you were wondering about the title, boys are less emotional. lol.

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