Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 I find it really hard to settle down and study for the whole day so here I am again
plus I haven't actually been as active as I was in blogging
I don't know if it's the wifi or just me being lazy heehee

Mr Teoh suggested a date last Saturday
planned to watch After Earth since the trailer was kinda awesome
and to buy some fruits oh I can't wait to go home where there are plenty of fruits heehee

but guess what! 
yea we met Kim Jong Kook hahaha

I would've preferred it to be Lee Kwang Soo though hahahha

since we weren't there for him, we went for lunch 
my Mapo Tofu Don
that's not the real name but I think close enough
it was yummy but then tofu can never go wrong right? -___-

and this Miso Ramen actually has a longer name
it was BAD, very bad. haha

gyoza or something which tasted just normal

but what actually attracted us was this la, unlimited self service free ice cream!
my eyes brightened up at the notice outside the shop
oh it was Goku Raku Ramen haha

happy kid

giant pou

walked pass the Snowflake and found this decoration very cute!

and a cup of papaya banana milk before leaving

and maiii ootd
need more clothes
need more shoes
need more bags

After Earth wasn't as awesome as the trailer made it, I actually fell asleep at the beginning, which is a first for me hahaha. but overall the story was not bad.
I had two cones of icecream in Goku Raku Ramen, I thought I would've eaten more (I actually did since Mr Teoh didn't finish his second cone), but I was just too full (this contradicts my claim that icecream is not a food hence not filling haha)
I very geh-kiang go watermark my photos but you see how lazy I am when the pink heart disappears, it wasn't that pretty anyway

okay babai =D

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