Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thursday evening escape

right after the damned Language Learning and Language Use final exam, and the selling of donuts which didn't seem to help relief our fees for the Pangkor trip, we left to Penang. I was really looking forward to leave everything behind because I think the stress really snowballed and made me feel very down.

Melody Kho is feeling down. (LOL haven't tried this Facebook feature yet XD)

the bus ride took longer than usual, and I slept a lot.
saw these in my luggage after bathing.
didn't thank santa properly, but here goes
thanks baby, I love them, simple enough for me =D

it was a short trip, but we managed to go to this cafe that I've stumbled across in someone's blog heehee
by the sea cafe 沿海地带

and you can now see for yourself why I wanted so much to go there =D 
yes it's sand, real sand!

herstory of the cafe (because apparently the owners are ladies)

these are not just decorations

they are for sell!!this box costs only RM16
if it weren't so difficult to bring back to Kuching, I would had bought it!
so pweddie T.T

and I know mummy would love this!

I want a corner like this in my future home =D

and MANY other cute things

and now I can't wait for the Taiwan trip!!
was discussing about the hotel and all that and I'm getting excited again!!

our rum raisin crepe cake
reminds me of the tubs of rum raisin icecream daddy bought when we were younger
zhangqijian said got Aunty Anne on top haha

and rainbow sprinkles! =D

Ginger peach tea.

Didn't order Earl Grey Lavender because in the menu they spelled it as...
early grey. haha

I always say that I want a photographer boyfriend

I might complain a lot about how you take the ugliest photos of me
but still, thank you for being patient enough to even take the photos
and wait for me to capture the best angle of food until I am satisfied
before you can dig in, even when you are very hungry.
I appreciate that =D

Dimsum breakfast the next morning.

when Oinky still had his panda shirt on. too cute! XD

and here's Bravo again, where I visit every time I go to Penang. haha.
photo taken by zhangqijian's 4 years old nephew =D

since I don't know the names of the food, I shall leave it for you. haha
but I didn't realize the photos were THIS grainy. @@
need a new phone. (O.O)
NOLA, I love my SII very much. heehee

the cute Yee Hang who can never pay attention for more than 5 minutes haha

lastly, got infinity bracelets! wheee! =D

and I am really grateful for having at least a place which feels like home to go to. =)

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