Friday, June 14, 2013

TESLians @ Pangkor

Hi I'm back *sweeps imaginary dust*

so there was this trip to Pangkor on the 3rd to the 5th
still can't believe I only have 3 papers to sit for this semester, lol

I hate waiting, especially knowing that the sea and sand were less than an hour away

our chalet. I must say it deviated greatly from my imagination. haha

but still, so much better compared to the one in Kela camp last year.
at least there was air-con, although it was leaking whole night through haha

I think I have this special liking for flower canopies =D
I love Avril Lavigne but somehow she made me go damn damn damn at such beautiful sight ==

with corn! it was so nice Aivee and I just had to go back for another one.

I love the colours!!!

was bored so I edited colour into my eyes again XD 

personally I find this photo really pretty haha *thickfaced*

and I never knew my phone was capable of such shots! =D

a few of us instantly regretted not bringing our dresses and hats and whatever we wanted to bring
then I saw this dress in a convenience store for RM18
not wanting to spend so much, I finally chose this over banana boat, it can wait!!

actually missed out a lot of bonding time because of the desire to take ENDLESS photos
or maybe I just didn't want to socialize =S

OH YA! we saw blue tears/ some kind of microorganisms with blue light!

hi coursemates. =)
especially love Belle because she is cool. lol

and ahem, HORNBILL!!
you should really see them jump before taking off
it was quite hilarious because they look so clumsy
hahahaha hahaahaha the funny sight just came back to my mind

and on the last morning
it was actually quite boring seeing we were stuck at that beach and there was nothing much to see
heard from the locals they were just starting to develop

roomies. =)

and now I can proudly say:
I went snorkeling (but there was no fish), and didn't get cut by corals XD
I have finally been to a pulau, which is not Pulau Pinang, lol

there will be another blog post on all the photos we took haha

oh. swimming and beaches are the only places I don't mind getting tanned
beaches especially. 我爱海边!!

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tien mie said...

u can take really nice pics! love them :) btw, u saw those blue organisms floating at nite??? was it cool? me, pearl & chui went near d beach at nite to see but failed!!