Wednesday, March 14, 2012

no H no O no O

THERE WILL BE NO WATER SUPPLY FROM 8AM 14/03/2012 until 8PM 15/03/2012
hehe yes if you're clever you should have figured up that my title meant H20 == lol

ok la, i know no one can == haha, NOT EVEN MY STUPID CACTUS WHICH DIED t.t
what i have in stock!
5 bottles of drinking water, hopefully that's enough. T.T
one big pail of water for bathing (lap body only T,T)
many small small containers of water for washing my face, brushing my teeth and so on!
(this one i think sibeh kiasu but i rather be safe than sorry!)
and FOOD, who dares to eat outside food when they also have no water?
imagine how they're gonna wash the vegetables? the meat? the everything, ugh T.T
i refuse to think about that!

and here i am, early early in the morning being so semangat
padahal my class is 11AM!
just because i wanted to really bathe for one last time before enduring the 36hours
waiting for my hair to dry so that i can get back to my bed which is so so comfortable this cold morning



yMoon said...

Melody, no H no H no O or no H no O no O?? hehehehe =)

mOmO said...

haha, OOPS T.T