Thursday, March 8, 2012

the day everything wanted to leave me =(

on Monday, 2 to 3pm class was canceled, which left me free from 1230 to 1600.
hence, we went to Midvalley for lunch and to buy some more groceries which i didn't manage to get on Friday. this time, i came back by bus also! that's something new for me HAHA.
so after i came down from T631 and was waiting for the next T632 to bring us back to UM, zhangqijian asked if i had my matric card, which also serves as our touch and go card, just in case you didn't know, (and because he is always keeping it for me everytime we go out). and i thought he was joking with me when he said he returned it to me already on the bus T.T, because it was nowhere with me! T.T. it was then that we realized i might have left it on the bus, and he quickly asked the driver to let us in to search for it. true enough, it was lying there on my seat. thank God the bus still hadn't left T.T. then, after boarding T632 and settled down, a Malay lady was holding my super cute XiQi and asked if it was mine T.T. and i felt so emo suddenly @@. then on the way back on the bus, wongyeemei who was going back together with us told me that my card holder which then held my bus card and matric card fell off and was lying on the floor! HOLY CRAP why everything wants to leave me? me so annoying meh? =(. anyway i am lucky enough to have got them all back, but i must really be more careful the next time. ahh, it's 7:35am, i just finished my assignment one for the Teaching Prose class (i did sleep for some time in the middle la XD). shall be skipping the 9am class HEHEhe. time to get some SLEEP! GOODNIGHT!!

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