Sunday, March 4, 2012

it started off with my craving for ice cream!

heehee, we had another date yesterday, all because i had been consistently asking for ice cream and hehehe, i always get what i want =X. same thing happened, gazillion of photos hence i'll just conclude my day using collages heeheehee.

on the bus!

happy faces 
because it's ICE CREAM!! =DD
i decide to name my first child ICE CREAM so that he/ she will be lovely HAHA

and ice cream isn't all T.T
these are all the food we had the whole day 
MCD, Bubble milk tea, Oh ah misua, deep fried sweet potato, Pretzel
his ultimate goal is to make me SUPER FAT
and he doesn't even bother to deny that T.T

vain people being vain
if he is vain and i wasn't, he wouldn't be so semangat to take photo
and if i were vain and he weren't, i also wouldn't be that semangat to take photo
but the worst ever combination happens haha
and i really don't mind =D 
ooh ya, another reason we went out was to buy groceries
i bought most of the things actually lol
and BOOKS! =D
got myself some classics because i figured it's high time i started widening my reading range

these are two of my favourite photos 
out of all we took.
i had a very happy day
but actually, i'm happy every day
thank you my personal sunshine =D

p/s: tomorrow is the last day for FESENI camp YEAHHHHH!

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