Saturday, March 17, 2012

good hair day =D

actually i haven't been having any bad hair day for a long long time already. because my hair is always tidy, even when i sleep with my hair wet. (very lansi. hahaha)

slept with two buns last night.
oh by the way the creature behind me is the weird roommate who leaves her keys here and there and sings religious songs loudly and who always brings her friends to come party when i am about to sleep and who doesn't seem to have a pendrive because she is forever borrowing mine and who looks like our modern dance coach and who always looks at the floor and whose prayer can last up to more than 30 minutes. wah i can't believe i just came out with a whole long paragraph on the things she does. maybe someday i can even make a blog post dedicated for her. sure i can == haha.

anyway let's forget the unpleasant distraction =X 
tadah! i woke up with wavy hair =DD
and i was so happy
but it, as usual, didn't last long. T.T

i'm finally done with tidying up my super messy table, clearing all the water i saved (TURNS OUT THE WATER IN THE TANK WAS ABLE TO SUSTAIN OUR 36HOURS T.T), and something i forgot what. and now, it's time to bathe, then dive myself into the pages of Things Fall Apart again, because i'm having a test on Monday!! byebye. ilovemyhair today =DD

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