Friday, October 3, 2014


the most loyal (and maybe the only) reader of this blog said I haven't been updating.
I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday, and it's already the end of week 4
I know I am supposed to be really free but I seem to be as occupied as ever
truth is I don't seem to have anything to write about, or I have too much to write, so much that I decide to not write at all hahaha.
anyway updates, life recently is filled with classes, actually I don't even know if I should use filled with for classes, it's only 6 hours out of my whole week, gym, cafe hopping, doing laundry and.. getting mad at the sky for raining.

I have this habit of thinking a lot when I lie awake on bed.
one day I thought, our whole life is full of choices
if I didn't make certain choices I made, would I be here today?
would I still be the me I am today?

and then they say life is so unpredictable, live everyday as if it were your last
but seriously, if it were my last day what would I do?
and if I lived everyday as if it were my last, are you saying I should withdraw all my cash, buy a ticket, get on the plane and travel the world? haha.

practical not only opened my eyes to teaching
it made me realize how much I like taking photos
and some random idea came into my mind
what if I bought a good camera and start learning photography
should I really settle for just phone quality photos
what if I could even become a photographer?
there are really people who take lousy photos with their DSLR, when they could do so much more

and a nudging question
am I going to be a teacher?
what to do after June?
I wanna see the world, a lot of it, or at least experience something different before entering the working world, but there are so many constraints.
here's a smile to all the choices I made, and also all I am going to make.
oh fyi, it's the World Smile Day today! =D
to cash out or not cash out? hahaha


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-Valerie Yee- said...

harloo harloo, im ur blog reader too :)