Thursday, November 6, 2014


HI! I'm one month late, haha.
I'm now 23 years and 1 month old
still loving Oinky very much
birthday treat from the one and only
and grumpy boyfriend

too many things have happened in 2014
I have said this before but can't help repeating
it's so depressing
can November and December just pass without further sorrow?
can the new month and the coming new year bring new hope and help heal scars?

a quick update on recent life:
dyed my hair black some few weeks back
but coloured it again few days back
week 8 of the semester
thesis progress 0%
first ever midterm to come in week 9
a lot of swimming and gym
spent a happy weekend with mum and cousins
having two episodes of The Originals pending
EXCITED FOR JAY CHOU, 9 more days to go

and I'm doing something I have never done before
I know it's annoying but I can really go this far for him haha
please, help me Like this photo on Facebook if you haven't

signing off 1 year and 1 month wiser. haha

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