Friday, February 22, 2013


THE wifi is really shitty ==
i'll just have to clear off the photos in Kuching first
so here are some photos i made effort to take XD
only when you really have ample of time do you put fruits into a bowl and take it to a place with super good natural light (which in this case is on the ironing board outdoors), and lay a piece of cloth on the ironing board, just to take a nice photo with plane view (something which i always fail to achieve indoors because of the shadow), hahaha. i led quite a healthy lifestyle back at home!!

and this again proves how free i was during the holidays because i cut the popiah properly, which i don't normally do since i eat the skin and the fillings separately.

maybe my lifestyle isn't that healthy after all. did you know that i haven't been buying instant noodles since the second semester started? but back at home we had Maggi for lunch lol, and this was one of our suppers - instant beef noodles which Kero brought back from Taiwan.

free 腊八粥 as dessert after lunch in a vegetarian cafe

this has been one of my favourite snacks since young, but i love the green ones haha. and only recently, i found out it is named Lao Ma Kao. dunno is 老妈 or 老嫲 but i think is the latter since it is soft and 老嫲 don't have teeth hahaha. my logic. == 

heehee, luichar! once again proving how free i am because i usually just pour the soup into the rice. and this is also taken on the ironing board, this time with daddy's shirt as the surface covering the ironing board which is GREEN in colour.

here. this is the green ironing board. haha

you'd think i really love vegetarian food. this was vegetarian burger in the cafe i mentioned above. i think we went there 2 or 3 times during my 1 month holiday. @@

and the fact is i really have the phobia towards vegetarian food after the study week + exam week.
which explains why i rather have cereal for lunch and not order vegetarian food delivery again.
*inserts TERROR emoji*

drama practice later on.
overslept and missed class
because drama practice lasted until 2am last night, with no practice done ==

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