Saturday, February 16, 2013


last night in Kuching until April T.T
i know it isn't that long but still, T.T
had our family photo taken in Xiao Jiu's house this morning.
some people missing, some feelings missing, emo T.T
i think family really does play a big big part in my life, i love them so much =D
didn't really get to spend time with the cousins this time, =(

and of course, love my daddy mummy froggy so much hahaah
gonna miss the warmth of being at home for some time..

and because i dunno where i saved the photos
so i got to meet ibeho luee and lynn chan this time.
almost met gaomei too!
oh, how time has changed us
that was when i was really dark ==

anyway it's not the time for nostalgic reminiscence, i am not done packing @@
reluctantly yours.

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