Wednesday, February 27, 2013


i've been sleeping too much lately i think i have to stop because it seems really unhealthy
so here i am, sacrificing my favourite time of the day -- nap
to share with you my breakfast routine!
since young mummy has educated us on the importance of breakfast
so i rarely skip breakfast, and studies say that having breakfast actually helps in slimming down!
you have no idea how magical those two words are to me

okay cut the crap!
introducing to you my breakfast partners! *drum rolls*
Oat and Milo powder.
oat is really good for the heart and it lowers blood cholesterol and blood pressure
besides, it is really filling!
Milo provides energy of course, and is one of my favourite drinks XD

it lowers 'bad' cholesterol, aids in WEIGHT LOSS, provide good brain function, and helps in sleep!
now you know why i am always sleepy, if that is even logical. XD

helps relieve constipation, cares for the eyes and dental health, it also contains some antioxidant that prevents colon cancer. 

rich in Vitamin B complex (yay! no need take supplement anymore!), vitamin E (antioxidant hohoho prevents aging)

Goji Berry
stabilizes blood glucose levels, stimulates immune functions, reduces colon cancer risk and is also good for the eyes.

Sunflower seeds
rich in Vitamin E, anti-inflammatory, prevents cancer, good for the nerves and protects the skin. 

reduces inflammation and scarring, treats digestive problems, and not to forget the many many more beauty benefits of honey.

and there goes a cupful of healthy breakfast.

i actually did research for all these information! and i only selected a few benefits out of all that came out. guess what? i am feeling really healthy right now! haha.

byebye people. remember to eat your breakfast! XD

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