Wednesday, February 20, 2013


YAY hello, i only have one class every Wednesday. haha
backdated post. our family's daily dilemma hahaha.
i have lots and lots of shoes and lots and lots of clothes because me, mummy and froggie can share
but they never seem to be enough for us! lol.

this was on Valentines' day
when we visited our neighbour's house
mad love their super big mirrors!
hence we took the liberty to fully utilize it while the adults were talking about the design of their kitchen hahaha

Froggie got her Chopper shirt from Taiwan, SUPER ENVIOUS but never mind i also have my own =D

spent the day in the mall with Froggie. it was so packed with couples that i almost immediately regretted when getting out of the car. haha. we actually planned to watch a movie but it was really impossible seeing the queue was really long! ibeho's cousin queued for 2 hours and only managed to get the first row. @@.

so anyway, all we did was walk around and WOW guess what i finally meet Mr Chin Ting Seng, whom i never get to meet in UM and even in Kuching. HAHAHA.

froggie and i went for Iglool, mine was Green Tea with Red Beans =D. i still think this is a very perfect combination.

somehow they didn't allow me to write anything up there i dunno why. ==. froggie had mango with the juicy balls which was super sweet. and to be true to myself, no more icy treats for February!! oh, and after the dessert was walking around and photo time haha. lazy people walk till where sit till where =P.

and back to UM, my Valentines' gift from zhangqijian =D
why why why always know what i love XD

and =D, my handmade handphone pouch. heehee.

oh super sleepy now T.T

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