Friday, February 1, 2013


hello. ahem. first day of challenge.
so, what am I gonna talk about today? LDR. hahaha.

you might not be interested or you might have already known or you don't even care,
but today is zhangqijian and my 13th month together.

in my own opinion, i am not the type of girl who would let her boyfriend be her whole world, and if you ask me to choose between my family/ friends and my boyfriend, you know you just got blacklisted. HAHAHA. no i'm not that cruel, but you get that idea. i cannot stand couples who are too sticky, but sometimes i wonder if i fall into that category in other people's eyes. i dunno and again i don't really care, haha, i know i am self-centered lol.

anyway, this is my first ever long distance relationship, maybe not so since most of the time we get to be together and are only separated during the holidays. i never gave distance a thought but now i feel it. no, i'm fine with the trusting thingy, it's just that the missing seems to intensify day by day, and phone calls/ chats and even skype cannot ease that longing to be close to one another. i seriously miss my boyfriend, and i guess the same applies to him, because he has been acting really strange these few days. hahaha.





i apologize for kicking start my challenge with such a cheesy post, haha. see you tomorrow. =D

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